Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Using the radio

Radio operation

Select "AM", "FM" or "SAT" on the audio source selection screen to begin listening to the radio.

Radio top screen

Pressing the "RADIO" button displays the radio top screen from any screen of the selected source.

Selecting a station (AM or FM radio)

Tune in to the desired station using one of the following methods.

■ Seek tuning Press and hold then release the "< PRST" or "TRACK >" button.

Seek tuning can also be operated on the menu screen. The radio will begin seeking up or down for a station of the nearest frequency and will stop when a station is found.

■ Manual tuning Turn the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob.

■ Preset stations Select the desired preset station by pressing the "< PRST" or "TRACK >" button, or turning and pressing the controller.

■ Station list

1. Move the controller to the right and selecting "Station List".

2. AM radio: Selecting a desired station.

FM radio: Selecting a desired type of station and selecting a desired station.

To refreshing the station list, select "Refresh". Select "Source" on the refresh screen, can be change to the other audio source while refreshing.

Selecting an HD Radio channel

When "HD Radio" is set to "On", available stations with HD Radio channels are marked with "HD)".

1. In AM or FM mode, select a station marked with "HD)".

2. Turn the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob to select an HD Radio channel.

HD Radio channels can also be selected by selecting "Multicast" on the menu screen

Selecting a channel (XM Satellite Radio)

Select in to the desired channel using one of the following methods.

■ Turning up/down the channel Press and hold the "< PRST" or "TRACK >" button or turn the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob.

■ Preset channels Select the desired preset channel by pressing the "< PRST" or "TRACK >" button or controller.

■ Channel list

1. Move the controller to the right and selecting "Select a SAT Category".

2. Selecting a desired category of channel and selecting a desired channel.

Setting presets

1. Search for desired stations or channel.

2. Select and hold one of the preset until you hear a beep.

Display the text message

■ Display the song information Move the controller to the right and selecting "Text".

■ Display the Additional information (HD radio) Move the controller to the right and selecting "Additional Information".

HD Radio Technology

HD Radio Technology is the digital evolution of analog AM/FM radio. Your radio product has a special receiver which allows it to receive digital broadcasts (where available) in addition to the analog broadcasts it already receives.

Digital broadcasts have better sound quality than analog broadcasts as digital broadcasts provide free, crystal clear audio with no static or distortion. For more information, and a guide to available radio stations and programming, refer to

"HD Radio features included in Lexus radios: Digital Sound - HD Radio broadcasts deliver crystal-clear, digital audio quality to listeners.

HD2/HD3 Channels - FM stations can provide additional digital only audio programming with expanded content and format choices on HD2/HD3 channels.

PSD - Program Service Data (PSD) gives you on-screen information such as artist name and song title.

iTunes Tagging - Listeners can tag (store) songs they like for later review and purchase through iTunes.

Artist Experience - Images related to the broadcast are displayed on the radio screen, such as album cover art and station logos."

Lexus RX. Using the radioHD Radio Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation.

U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD Radio and the HD, HD Radio, and "Arc" logos are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corp.

■ HD Radio Technology troubleshooting guide

Experience Cause Action
Mismatch of time alignment- a user may hear a short period of programming replayed or an echo, stutter or skip. The radio stations analog and digital volume are not properly aligned or the station is in ballgame mode. None, radio broadcast issue. A user can contact the radio station.
Sound fades, blending in and out. Radio is shifting between analog and digital audio. Reception issue, may clear-up as the vehicle continues to be driven. Set "HD Radio" to off, can force radio in an analog audio.
Audio mute condition when an HD2/HD3 multicast channel had been playing. The radio does not have access to digital signals at the moment. This is normal behavior, wait until the digital signal returns. If out of the coverage area, seek a new station.
Audio mute delay when selecting an HD2/HD3 multicast channel preset. The digital multicast content is not available until HD Radio broadcast can be decoded and make the audio available. This takes up to 7 seconds. This is normal behavior, wait for the audio to become available.
Text information does not match the present song audio. Data service issue at the radio broadcaster. Broadcaster should be notified. Complete the form: automotive/ report_radio_station_ experiences.
No text information shown for the present selected frequency. Data service issue by the radio broadcaster. Broadcaster should be notified. Complete the form: automotive/ report_radio_station_ experiences.

■ Reception sensitivity

  • Maintaining perfect radio reception at all times is difficult due to the continually changing position of the antenna, differences in signal strength and surrounding objects, such as trains, transmitters, etc.
  • The radio antenna is mounted inside the rear window. To maintain clear radio reception, do not attach metallic window tinting or other metallic objects to the antenna wire mounted inside the rear window.

Lexus RX. Using the radio

Lexus RX. Using the radio

Lexus RX. Using the radio

■ If the satellite radio does not operate normally If a problem occurs with the XM tuner, a message will appear on the screen. Refer to the table below to identify the problem, and take the suggested corrective action.

SAT Check Antenna The XM antenna is not connected. Check whether the XM antenna cable is attached securely.
There is a short-circuit in the antenna or the surrounding antenna cable. See a Lexus certified dealer.
SAT Ch Unauthorized You have not subscribed to XM Satellite Radio. The radio is being updated with the latest encryption code. Contact XM Satellite Radio for subscription information. When a contract is canceled, you can choose "Ch000" and all free-to-air channels.
The premium channel you selected is not authorized. Wait for about 2 seconds until the radio returns to the previous channel or "Ch001". If it does not change automatically, select another channel. To listen to the premium channel, contact XM Satellite Radio.
SAT No Signal The XM signal is too weak at the current location. Wait until your vehicle reaches a location with a stronger signal.
SAT Loading The unit is acquiring audio or program information. Wait until the unit has received the information.
SAT Channel Off Air The channel you selected is not broadcasting any programming.

Select another channel.

----- There is no song/program title or artist name/feature associated with the channel at that time. No action is required.
SAT Chan Unavailable The channel you selected is no longer available. Wait for about 2 seconds until the radio returns to the previous channel or "Ch001". If it does not change automatically, select another channel.

Contact the XM Listener Care Center at 1-877-447-0011 (U.S.A.) or 1-877-438-9677 (Canada).

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