Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Instrument cluster

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) / Instrument cluster

Theft deterrent system
Immobilizer system The vehicle's keys have built-in transponder chips that prevent the hybrid system from starting if a key has not been previously registered in the vehicle's on-board computer. ...

Warning lights and indicators
The warning lights and indicators on the instrument cluster, center panel and outside rear view mirrors inform the driver of the status of the vehicle's various systems. For the purpose of ex ...

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Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Bluetooth Phone: Using a Bluetooth phone message
Once a MAP-profile compatible Bluetooth phone is registered, you can check the E-mail/SMS/MMS and reply to a message using the following procedures: Checking messages 1. Go to message screen: "MENU" button → "Phone" → "Messages" 2. Select a message. Moving the controller to the left while o ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Operation of each component: Key information
The keys The following keys are provided with the vehicle. Electronic keys Operating the smart access system with push-button start Operating the wireless remote control function Mechanical keys Key number plate Wireless remote control Locks all the doors Unlock ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h)

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