Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Maintenance and care

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) / Maintenance and care

Cleaning and protecting the vehicle exterior

Perform the following to protect the vehicle and maintain it in prime condition:

  • Working from top to bottom, liberally apply water to the vehicle body, wheel wells and underside of the vehicle to remove any dirt and dust.
  • Wash the vehicle body using a sponge or soft cloth, such as a chamois.
  • For hard-to-remove marks, use car wash soap and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Wipe away any water.
  • Wax the vehicle when the waterproof coating deteriorates.

    If water does not bead on a clean surface, apply wax when the vehicle body is cool.

■ Self-restoring coat The vehicle body has a self-restoring coating that is resistant to small surface scratches caused in a car wash etc.

  • The coating lasts for 5 to 8 years from when the vehicle is delivered from the plant.
  • The restoration time differs depending on the depth of the scratch and outside temperature.

    The restoration time may become shorter when the coating is warmed by applying warm water.

  • Deep scratches caused by keys, coins, etc. cannot be restored.
  • Do not use wax that contain abrasives.

■ Automatic car washes

  • Before washing the vehicle:
    • Fold the mirrors
    • Turn off the power back door

Start washing from the front of the vehicle. Extend the mirrors before driving.

  • Brushes used in automatic car washes may scratch the vehicle surface and harm your vehicle's paint.
  • Rear spoiler may not be washable in some automatic car washes. There may also be an increased risk of damage to vehicle.

■ High pressure car washes

  • Do not allow the nozzles of the car wash to come within close proximity of the windows.
  • Before using the car wash, check that the fuel filler door on your vehicle is closed properly.

■ Note for a smart access system with push-button start

  • If the door handle becomes wet while the electronic key is within the effective range, the door may lock and unlock repeatedly. Place the key in a position 6 ft. (2 m) or more separate from the vehicle while the vehicle is being washed. (Take care to ensure that the key is not stolen.)
  • If the electronic key is inside the vehicle and a door handle becomes wet during a car wash, a buzzer will sound outside the vehicle. To turn off the alarm, lock all the doors.
  • Set the electronic key to battery-saving mode to disable the smart access system with push-button start.

■ Aluminum wheels

  • Remove any dirt immediately by using a neutral detergent.
  • Wash detergent off with water immediately after use.
  • To protect the paint from damage, make sure to observe the following precautions.
    • Do not use acidic, alkaline or abrasive detergent
    • Do not use hard brushes
    • Do not use detergent on the wheels when they are hot, such as after driving or parking in hot weather

■ Bumpers Do not scrub with abrasive cleaners.

■ Front side windows water-repellent coating

  • The following precautions can extend the effectiveness of the water-repellent coating.
    • Remove any dirt, etc. from the front side windows regularly.
    • Do not allow dirt and dust to accumulate on the windows for a long period.

      Clean the windows with a soft, damp cloth as soon as possible.

    • Do not use wax or glass cleaners that contain abrasives when cleaning the windows.
    • Do not use any metallic objects to remove condensation build up.
  • When the water-repellent performance has become insufficient, the coating can be repaired. Contact your Lexus dealer.


■ When washing the vehicle Do not apply water to the inside of the engine compartment. Doing so may cause the electrical components, etc. to catch fire.

■When cleaning the windshield Set the wiper switch to off.

If the switch is in "AUTO", the wipers may operate unexpectedly in the following situations, and may result in hands being caught or other serious injuries and cause damage to the wiper blades.

Lexus RX. Maintenance and care

  • When the upper part of the windshield where the raindrop sensor is located is touched by hand
  • When a wet rag or similar is held close to the raindrop sensor
  • If something bumps against the windshield
  • If you directly touch the raindrop sensor body or if something bumps into the raindrop sensor

■ Precautions regarding the exhaust pipe Exhaust gasses cause the exhaust pipe to become quite hot.

When washing the vehicle, be careful not to touch the pipe until it has cooled sufficiently, as touching a hot exhaust pipe can cause burns.

■ Precautions regarding the rear bumper with Blind Spot Monitor If the paint of the rear bumper is chipped or scratched, the system may malfunction. If this occurs, consult your Lexus dealer.


■ To prevent paint deterioration and corrosion on the body and components (aluminum wheels, etc.)

  • Wash the vehicle immediately in the following cases:
    • After driving near the sea coast
    • After driving on salted roads
    • If you see coal tar or tree sap on the paint surface
    • If you see dead insects, insect droppings or bird droppings on the paint
    • After driving in an area contaminated with soot, oily smoke, mine dust, iron powder or chemical substances
    • If the vehicle becomes heavily soiled with dust or mud
    • If liquids such as benzene and gasoline are spilled on the paint surface
  • If the paint is chipped or scratched, have it repaired immediately.
  • To prevent the wheels from corroding, remove any dirt and store in a place with low humidity when storing the wheels.

■ Cleaning the exterior lights

  • Wash carefully. Do not use organic substances or scrub with a hard brush.

    This may damage the surfaces of the lights.

  • Do not apply wax to the surfaces of the lights.

    Wax may cause damage to the lenses.

■When using an automatic car wash Set the wiper switch to the off position.

If the wiper switch is in "AUTO", the wipers may operate and the wiper blades may be damaged.

■When using a high pressure car wash

  • When washing the vehicle, do not let water of the high pressure washer hit directly or the vicinity of the camera. Due to the shock from the high pressure water, it is possible the device may not operate as normal.
  • Do not bring the nozzle tip close to boots (rubber or resin manufactured cover), connectors or the following parts. The parts may be damaged if they come into contact with high-pressure water.
    • Traction related parts
    • Steering parts
    • Suspension parts
    • Brake parts
  • Do not point the nozzle of a high pressure washer at the areas shown in the illustration, as high pressure water may damage the oil cooler.

Lexus RX. Maintenance and care

Cleaning and protecting the vehicle interior

The following procedures will help protect your vehicle's interior and keep it in top condition:

Protecting the vehicle interior

  • Remove dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner. Wipe dirty surfaces with a cloth dampened with lukewarm water.
  • If dirt cannot be removed, wipe it off with a soft cloth dampened with neutral detergent diluted to approximately 1%.

    Wring out any excess water from the cloth and thoroughly wipe off remaining traces of detergent and water.

Cleaning the leather areas

  • Remove dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe off any excess dirt and dust with a soft cloth dampened with diluted detergent.

    Use a diluted water solution of approximately 5% neutral wool detergent.

  • Wring out any excess water from the cloth and thoroughly wipe off all remaining traces of detergent.
  • Wipe the surface with a dry, soft cloth to remove any remaining moisture.

    Allow the leather to dry in a shaded and ventilated area.

Cleaning the synthetic leather areas

  • Remove dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe it off with a soft cloth dampened with neutral detergent diluted to approximately 1%.
  • Wring out any excess water from the cloth and thoroughly wipe off remaining traces of detergent and water.

■ Caring for leather areas Lexus recommends cleaning the interior of the vehicle at least twice a year to maintain the quality of the vehicle's interior.

■ Shampooing the carpets There are several commercial foaming-type cleaners available. Use a sponge or brush to apply the foam. Rub in overlapping circles. Do not use water. Wipe dirty surfaces and let them dry. Excellent results are obtained by keeping the carpet as dry as possible.

■ Seat belts Clean with mild soap and lukewarm water using a cloth or sponge. Also check the belts periodically for excessive wear, fraying or cuts.


■ Water in the vehicle

  • Do not splash or spill liquid in the vehicle, such as on the floor, in the hybrid battery (traction battery) air vents, and in the luggage compartment.

    Doing so may cause the hybrid battery, electrical components, etc. to malfunction or catch fire.

  • Do not get any of the SRS components or wiring in the vehicle interior wet. An electrical malfunction may cause the airbags to deploy or not function properly, resulting in death or serious injury.
  • Vehicles with wireless charger: Do not let the wireless charger get wet. Failure to do so may cause the charger to become hot and cause burns or could cause electric shock resulting in death or serious injury.

■ Cleaning the interior (especially instrument panel) Do not use polish wax or polish cleaner. The instrument panel may reflect off the windshield, obstructing the driver's view and leading to an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.


■ Cleaning detergents

  • Do not use the following types of detergent, as they may discolor the vehicle interior or cause streaks or damage to painted surfaces:
    • Non-seat portions: Organic substances such as benzene or gasoline, alkaline or acidic solutions, dye, and bleach
    • Seats: Alkaline or acidic solutions, such as thinner, benzene, and alcohol
  • Do not use polish wax or polish cleaner. The instrument panel's or other interior part's painted surface may be damaged.

■ Preventing damage to leather surfaces Observe the following precautions to avoid damage to and deterioration of leather surfaces:

  • Remove any dust or dirt from leather surfaces immediately.
  • Do not expose the vehicle to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Park the vehicle in the shade, especially during summer.
  • Do not place items made of vinyl, plastic, or containing wax on the upholstery, as they may stick to the leather surface if the vehicle interior heats up significantly.

■ Water on the floor Do not wash the vehicle floor with water.

Vehicle systems such as the audio system may be damaged if water comes into contact with electrical components such as the audio system above or under the floor of the vehicle. Water may also cause the body to rust.

■ When cleaning the inside of the windshield Do not allow glass cleaner to contact the lens. Also, do not touch the lens.

■ Cleaning the inside of the rear window

  • Do not use glass cleaner to clean the rear window, as this may cause damage to the rear window defogger heater wires or antenna. Use a cloth dampened with lukewarm water to gently wipe the window clean. Wipe the window in strokes running parallel to the heater wires or antenna.
  • Be careful not to scratch or damage the heater wires or antenna.
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