Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Vehicle specifications

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) / Vehicle specifications

If the vehicle becomes stuck
Carry out the following procedures if the tires spin or the vehicle becomes stuck in mud, dirt or snow: 1. Stop the hybrid system. Shift the shift lever to P and set the parking brake. 2. Remov ...


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Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Adjusting the seats: Front seats
Adjustment procedure Seat position adjustment switch Seat cushion (front) angle adjustment switch Vertical height adjustment switch Seatback angle adjustment switch Lumbar support firmness adjustment switch Lumbar support height adjustment switch (if equipped) Seat cushion leng ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Using the driving support systems: Driving assist systems
To keep driving safety and performance, the following systems operate automatically in response to various driving situations. Be aware, however, that these systems are supplementary and should not be relied upon too heavily when operating the vehicle. ECB (Electronically Controlled Brake Syst ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h)

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