Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Vehicle specifications

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) / Vehicle specifications

If the vehicle becomes stuck
Carry out the following procedures if the tires spin or the vehicle becomes stuck in mud, dirt or snow: 1. Stop the hybrid system. Shift the shift lever to P and set the parking brake. 2. Remov ...


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Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Instrument cluster: Head-up display
Summary of functions The head-up display is linked to the meters and navigation system (if equipped) and projects a variety of information in front of the driver, such as the current vehicle speed and route guidance to a set destination. Navigation system-linked display area (if equippe ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Other function: "Information" screen
Display "Information" screen Go to "Information": "MENU" button → "Info" Display the fuel consumption. Display the "USB Photo" screen. Display the Traffic Map picture. Available when in a traffic supported HD Radio coverage area Display the weather information. Traffic informat ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h)

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