Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Wheels

If a wheel is bent, cracked or heavily corroded, it should be replaced. Otherwise, the tire may separate from the wheel or cause a loss of handling control.

Wheel selection

When replacing wheels, care should be taken to ensure that they are equivalent to those removed in load capacity, diameter, rim width and inset*.

Replacement wheels are available at your Lexus dealer.

*: Conventionally referred to as "offset".

Lexus does not recommend using the following:

  • Wheels of different sizes or types
  • Used wheels
  • Bent wheels that have been straightened

Aluminum wheel precautions

  • Use only Lexus wheel nuts and wrenches designed for use with your aluminum wheels.
  • When rotating, repairing or changing your tires, check that the wheel nuts are still tight after driving 1000 miles (1600 km).
  • Be careful not to damage the aluminum wheels when using tire chains.
  • Use only Lexus genuine balance weights or equivalent and a plastic or rubber hammer when balancing your wheels.

■ When replacing wheels The wheels of your vehicle are equipped with tire pressure warning valves and transmitters that allow the tire pressure warning system to provide advance warning in the event of a loss in tire inflation pressure. Whenever wheels are replaced, tire pressure warning valves and transmitters must be installed.


■ When replacing wheels

  • Do not use wheels that are a different size from those recommended in the Owner's Manual, as this may result in a loss of handling control.
  • Never use an inner tube in a leaking wheel which is designed for a tubeless tire. Doing so may result in an accident, causing death or serious injury.

■ Use of defective wheels prohibited Do not use cracked or deformed wheels.

Doing so could cause the tire to leak air during driving, possibly causing an accident.


■ Replacing tire pressure warning valves and transmitters

  • Because tire repair or replacement may affect the tire pressure warning valves and transmitters, make sure to have tires serviced by your Lexus dealer or other qualified service shop. In addition, make sure to purchase your tire pressure warning valves and transmitters at your Lexus dealer.
  • Ensure that only genuine Lexus wheels are used on your vehicle.

    Tire pressure warning valves and transmitters may not work properly with non-genuine wheels.

■ Selectable Color Trim (if equipped)

  • If rattles, noise, or other problems occur while Selectable Color Trim are installed, contact your Lexus dealer.
  • Do not remove or install Selectable Color Trim yourself, as it may be damaged. Have the Selectable Color Trim removed and installed by your Lexus dealer.

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