Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Gauges and meters

Except F SPORT models

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

F SPORT models

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

The units used on the meters may differ depending on the target region.

  1. Engine coolant temperature gauge
    Displays the engine coolant temperature
  2. Hybrid System Indicator
    Displays hybrid system power output or regeneration level
    This display changes to a tachometer depending on the drive mode, and can be set to show the tachometer in any drive mode on the settings display.
  3. Outside temperature
    Displays the outside temperature within the range of -40ºF (-40ºC) to 122ºF (50ºC). Low outside temperature indicator comes on when the ambient temperature is 37ºF (3ºC) or lower.
  4. Multi-information display
    Presents the driver with a variety of vehicle data
    Displays warning messages in case of a malfunction
  5. Clock
    Vehicles with a navigation system:
    Time displayed is linked to the analog clock on the instrument panel.
    Vehicles with a Lexus Display Audio system:
    Time displayed on the clock can be adjusted on of the multi-information display.
  6. Speedometer
  7. Fuel gauge
  8. Shift position display
  9. Odometer and trip meter

■ Rev indicator (F SPORT models) When the engine speed reaches a set speed, a ring-shaped indicator will be displayed on the tachometer.

The desired engine speed at which the Rev indicator will begin to be displayed can be set on of the multi-information display.

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

■ Rev peak (F SPORT models) The engine speed reaches or exceeds 4000 rpm, an afterimage of the tachometer will be displayed at the highest engine speed for approximately 1 second.

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

Instrument panel light control

The brightness of the instrument panel lights can be adjusted.

  1. Darker
  2. Brighter
    • The brightness of the instrument panel lights can be adjusted individually for day mode and night mode*.
    • If the brightness is adjusted when the surroundings are bright and the tail lights are on (day mode brightness adjustment), the brightness level of night mode will be adjusted at the same time.

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

*: Day mode and night mode

■ The meters and display illuminate when The power switch is in ON mode.

■ Hybrid System Indicator

Except F SPORT models

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

F SPORT models

Lexus RX. Gauges and meters

  1. Charge area
    Shows regenerative charging.
  2. Hybrid Eco area
    Shows that gasoline engine power is not being used very often.

    The gasoline engine will automatically stop and restart under various conditions.

  3. Eco area
    Shows that the vehicle is being driven in an Eco-friendly manner.
  4. Power area
    Shows that an Eco-friendly driving range is being exceeded (during full power driving etc.)
  • Depending on the selected driving mode, the Hybrid System Indicator or tachometer will be displayed. The Hybrid System Indicator or tachometer can be set to always be displayed on of the multi-information display.
  • The Hybrid System Indicator is displayed in the following situations:
    • When the tachometer setting is set to change according to the driving mode and a driving mode other than sport mode is selected
    • When the tachometer setting is set to always display the Hybrid System Indicator
  • By keeping the indicator needle (except F SPORT models) or bar display (F SPORT models) within the Eco area, more Eco-friendly driving can be achieved.
  • Charge area indicates "regeneration"* status. Regenerated energy will be used to charge the hybrid battery (traction battery).

*: When used in this manual, regeneration refers to the conversion of energy created by the movement of the vehicle into electrical energy.

■ Tachometer Hybrid System Indicator switches to the tachometer when driving mode is in sport mode.

The settings of the tachometer display can be changed on of the multi-information display.

■ Engine speed On hybrid vehicles, engine speed is precisely controlled in order to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions etc.

There are times when the engine speed that is displayed may differ even when vehicle operation and driving conditions are the same.

■ Brightness of the meters (day mode and night mode) The brightness of the meters is changed between day mode and night mode.

  • Day mode: When the tail lights are off or when the tail lights are on but the surrounding area is bright

  • Night mode: When the tail lights are on and the surrounding area is dark

■Outside temperature display

  • In the following situations, the correct outside temperature may not be displayed, or the display may take longer than normal to change:

    • When stopped, or driving at low speeds (less than 12 mph [20 km/h])

    • When the outside temperature has changed suddenly (at the entrance/exit of a garage, tunnel, etc.)

  • When "--" or "E" is displayed, the system may be malfunctioning.

    Take your vehicle to your Lexus dealer.

■ Clock settings screen (vehicles with a navigation system only) If the clock adjustment screen is displayed continuously when attempting to change the clock settings, the system may be malfunctioning.

Have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer.

■ Customization Some functions can be customized.


■ To prevent damage to the engine and its components

  • Do not let the indicator needle of the tachometer enter the red zone, which indicates the maximum engine speed.

  • The engine may be overheating if the engine coolant temperature gauge is in the red zone (H). In this case, immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place, and check the engine after it has cooled completely.

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