Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Listening to an iPod

Connecting an iPod enables you to enjoy music from the vehicle speakers.

Press the "MEDIA" button or select "iPod" on the audio source selection screen.

iPod top screen

Pressing the "MEDIA" button displays the iPod top screen from any screen of the selected source.

■ Selecting a song Press the "< PRST" or "TRACK >" button or turn the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob to select the desired song number.

To fast-forward or rewind, press and hold the "< PRST" or "TRACK >" button.

■ Selecting a play mode

  1. Move the controller to the right and then select "Browse".
  2. Select the desired play mode, and then select a song to begin using the selected play mode.

■ Displaying the now playing list Move the controller to the right and then select "Now Playing List".


■ iPod cover art

  • Depending on the iPod and songs in the iPod, iPod cover art may be displayed.
  • This function can be changed to on/off.
  • It may take time to display iPod cover art, and the iPod may not be operated while the cover art display is in process.

■ iPod functions

  • When an iPod is connected and the audio source is changed to iPod mode, the iPod will resume play from the same point in which it was last used.
  • Depending on the iPod that is connected to the system, certain functions may not be available. If a function is unavailable due to a malfunction (as opposed to a system specification), disconnecting the device and reconnecting it may resolve the problem.
  • Depending on the iPod, while connected to the system, the iPod cannot be operated with its own controls. It is necessary to use the controls of the vehicle's audio system instead.
  • When the battery level of an iPod is very low, the iPod may not operate. If so, charge the iPod before use.
  • Compatible models.

■ iPod problems To resolve most problems encountered when using your iPod, disconnect your iPod from the vehicle iPod connection and reset it. For instructions on how to reset your iPod, refer to your iPod Owner's Manual.

■ Error messages If the following error messages appear on the screen, refer to the table and take the appropriate measures. If the problem is not rectified, take the vehicle to your Lexus dealer.

Message Cause/Correction procedures
"Connection error.

Please consult your Owner's Manual for instructions on how to connect the iPod."

This indicates a problem in the iPod or its connection.
"There are no songs available for playback.

Please add compatible files to your iPod."

This indicates that there is no music data in the iPod.
"No items available." This indicates that songs are not found in a selected playlist.
"Please check the iPod firmware version This indicates that the software version is not compatible.

Please check the compatible models.

"Unable to authorize the iPod." This indicates that the Lexus Display Audio system failed to authorize the iPod.

Please check your iPod.


■ To prevent damage to the iPod or its terminals

  • Depending on the size and shape of the iPod that is connected to the system, the console box may not close fully. In this case, do not forcibly close the console box as this may damage the iPod or the terminal, etc.
  • Do not leave the iPod in the vehicle. The temperature inside the vehicle may become high.
  • Do not push down on or apply unnecessary pressure to the iPod while it is connected.
  • Do not insert foreign objects into the port.
    Using an external device

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