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Lexus does not recommend towing a trailer with your vehicle. Lexus also does not recommend the installation of a tow hitch or the use of a tow hitch carrier for a wheelchair, scooter, bicycle, etc. Your vehicle is not designed for trailer towing or for the use of tow hitch mounted carriers.

Lexus RX. Before driving

Dinghy towing

Your vehicle is not designed to be dinghy towed (with 4 wheels on the ground) behind a motor home.

Lexus RX. Before driving


■ To avoid serious damage to your vehicle Do not tow your vehicle with the four wheels on the ground.

■ To prevent causing serious damage to the hybrid transmission and Hybrid AWD system Never tow this vehicle with any of the wheels on the ground. This may cause serious damage to the hybrid transmission and AWD system.

Lexus RX. Before driving

    Trailer towing (vehicles with towing package)
    Your vehicle is designed primarily as a passenger-and-load-carrying vehicle. Towing a trailer can have an adverse impact on handling, performance, braking, durability, and fuel consumption. For ...

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