Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Rear window wiper and washer

Operating the wiper lever

Operating the switch operates the rear wiper as follows:

  1. (U.S.A.) or (Canada) Off

  2. (U.S.A.) or (Canada) Intermittent operation

  3. (U.S.A.) or (Canada) Normal operation

Lexus RX. Operating the lights and wipers

  1. Washer/wiper dual operation

Pushing the lever operates the wiper and washer.

The wiper will automatically operate a couple of times after the washer squirts.

Lexus RX. Operating the lights and wipers

■ The rear window wiper and washer can be operated when The power switch is in ON mode.

■ If no washer fluid sprays Check that the washer nozzle is not blocked if there is washer fluid in the washer fluid tank.


■ When the rear window is dry Do not use the wiper, as it may damage the rear window.

■ When the washer fluid tank is empty Do not operate the switch continually as the washer fluid pump may overheat.

■When a nozzle becomes blocked In this case, contact your Lexus dealer.

Do not try to clear it with a pin or other object. The nozzle will be damaged.

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