Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2022 Repair Manual: Vehicle Control History



  • Vehicle Control History is a function that captures and stores ECU data when triggered by specific vehicle behavior.
  • If the customer states that the engine stalled or will not start, it may be possible to diagnose the cause of the malfunction by checking the vehicle history information and Freeze Frame Data.
  • The number of possible stored Freeze Frame Data sets, whether multi Freeze Frame Data is available, the number of freeze frame points, Freeze Frame Data items, the ECU internal range, etc., is different depending on the stored group.
  • The stored data items for Vehicle Control History Freeze Frame Data are different depending on the stored group. When the value of a data item does not change across all points, only the value of the detection point will be displayed. The contents of the Freeze Frame Data is almost the same as that of the Data List.

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  • As Vehicle Control History may be overwritten whenever the trigger conditions are met, make sure to save Vehicle Control History before performing any inspections.
  • As Vehicle Control History may be stored when performing an Active Test, learning, etc., make sure to clear the Vehicle Control History before returning the vehicle to the customer.



  • Vehicle Control History (RoB) of the electric parking brake system can be confirmed using the same menu for the electronically controlled brake system: Chassis / Brake/EPB / Utility / Vehicle Control History (RoB)

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