Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2022 Repair Manual: Customize Parameters



(a) Customizing with the touch function cancellation function.


Confirm the touchpad surface is free of foreign matter before customizing.

(1) Turn the engine switch on (ACC).

(2) Simultaneously press and hold the "HOME" switch and back switch for 5 seconds or more.


"HOME" Switch


Back Switch

(3) While pressing and holding the "HOME" switch and back switch, tap the touchpad with 2 fingers.




  • If any switch other than the "HOME" switch or back switch is pressed, the customize setting cannot be changed.
  • Do not pinch in/out or slide fingers when tapping the touchpad with 2 fingers.

(4) Confirm that the answer-back function vibrates the touchpad a specified number of times to indicate that the setting has changed.


Touch Function Cancellation Function

Number of Answer Back Vibrations






(5) Repeat step (3) until the desired setting is selected.


The touch function cancellation function alternates between on and off.

(6) Release the "HOME" switch and back switch to select the set value.

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