Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Setup

Setup menu

The Lexus Display Audio system can be adjusted to the desired settings.

Display "Setup" screen

Go to "Setup": "MENU" button →"Setup"

  1. Change the settings for operation sounds, screen animation, etc.
  2. Change the settings for voice guidance.
  3. Change the settings for registering, removing, connecting and disconnecting Bluetooth devices.
  4. Change the settings for FM radio, iPod, etc.
  5. Change the settings for vehicle customization.

Lexus RX. Setup

  1. Change the settings for phone sound, phonebook, etc.
  2. Set the pop up reminder for mobile data usage notification.

Lexus RX. Setup

General settings

Settings are available for adjusting the operation sounds, screen animation, etc.

Screen for general settings

Go to "General Settings": "MENU" button →"Setup" →"General"

Lexus RX. Setup

Lexus RX. Setup

Customizing images

1. Go to "Customize Images": "MENU" button →"Setup"→"General"→"Customize Images"

2. Select "Set Images" and then select the desired image.

  1. Set as startup image.
  2. Set as screen off image.
  3. Set as startup image and screen off image.

Lexus RX. Setup

■ Adding an image

1. Connect a USB memory device.

2. Select "Copy from USB" on the "Customize Images" screen and then select the desired image.

3. Move the controller to the left and then select "Copy".

Up to 10 images can be downloaded.

■ Deleting images Select "Delete Images" on the "Customize Images" screen and then select the desired images.


■ USB memory When saving the images to a USB memory device, name the folder that the images are saved to "Image".

  • Compatible device formats

The following device format can be used:

  • USB communication format: USB2.0 FS (480 Mbps)
  • File system format: FAT16/32 (Windows)
  • Correspondence class: Mass storage class

The following types of files can be used:

  • The image's file format must be JPEG.
  • The file name may only contain ASCII characters.
  • JPEG file compatibility

Compatible image size: Maximum 5MB

Deleting personal data

1. Go to "Delete Personal Data": "MENU" button → "Setup" → "General" → "Delete Personal Data"

2. Select "Delete".

Check carefully beforehand, as data cannot be retrieved once deleted.

The following personal data will be deleted or changed to its default settings.

  • Phonebook data
  • Call history data
  • Favorite data
  • Bluetooth devices data
  • Phone sound settings
  • Detailed Bluetooth settings
  • Audio/video setting
  • Customized image data
  • FM info setting
  • iPod tagging information
  • Software update history
  • Software update detail information
  • Phone display setting
  • Contact/call history setting
  • Messaging setting
  • Traffic information map
  • Weather information
  • Phonebook data for voice recognition
  • Music data for voice recognition

Voice settings

You can adjust the guidance volume setting.

Go to "Voice Settings": "MENU" button → "Setup" → "Voice"

  1. Adjust the voice guidance volume setting.
  2. Set the voice recognition prompts on/off.
  3. Select to train voice recognition.

    The voice command system adapt the user accent.

Lexus RX. Setup

■ Return to the default settings Move the controller to the left and select "Default".

Display settings

Settings are available for adjusting the contrast and brightness of the screen.

The display can also be turned off.

Screen for display settings

Go to "Display": "MENU" button → "Display"

  1. Turn off screen.
  2. Adjust screen quality.
  3. Adjust screen quality of the rear view monitor camera.
  4. Change to day mode.

Lexus RX. Setup

Screen off

This setting turns the screen off. To turn it on, press any button such as the "AUDIO" button or "MENU" button.

If a screen off image has been set, the set image will be displayed.

Day mode

When the headlights are turned on, the screen dims.

However, the screen can be switched to day mode by selecting "Day Mode".

The screen will stay in day mode when the headlights are turned on until "Day Mode" is selected again.

Adjusting the screen quality

1. Select "General" or "Camera" on the "Display" screen or select "Display" on audio menu screen.

2. Adjust the display as desired by turning the controller clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-).

To select "Contrast", "Brightness", "Color" or "Tone", move the controller to the left.

("Color" and "Tone" are available when "Display" on the audio settings screen for each audio source is selected.)

■ Changing the sample image (when "General" is selected) Move the controller to the right and select the desired sample image.

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