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Luggage compartment features
Cargo hooks RX450h Pull down the hook to use. RX450hL The cargo hooks are provided for securing loose items. WARNING To avoid injury, always return the hooks to their stowed positions when n ...

Other interior features
Sun visors To set the visor in the forward position, flip it down. To set the visor in the side position, flip down, unhook, and swing it to the side. To use the side extender, place the ...

Other materials:

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Instrument cluster: Gauges and meters
Except F SPORT models F SPORT models The units used on the meters may differ depending on the target region. Engine coolant temperature gauge Displays the engine coolant temperature Hybrid System Indicator Displays hybrid system power output or regeneration level This display chang ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Basic Operations: Mobile Assistant
The Mobile Assistant feature will activate Apple's Siri Eyes Free mode via the steering wheel switches. To operate the Mobile Assistant, a compatible cellular phone must be registered and connected to this system via Bluetooth. 1. Press and hold the off hook switch until you hear the beeps th ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h)

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