Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2024 Repair Manual: Diagnosis System



(a) The DCM (telematics transceiver) control the vehicle safety connect system functions. Safety connect system data and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) can be read through the vehicle Data Link Connector 3 (DLC3). In some cases, a malfunction may be occurring in the safety connect system. When the system seems to be malfunctioning, use the Techstream to check for malfunctions and perform repairs.


(a) Check the DLC3.

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(a) Measure the battery voltage.

Standard voltage:

11 to 14 V

If the voltage is below 11 V, recharge or replace the battery.


(a) When a malfunction is detected in the safety connect system, the manual (SOS) switch red indicator on the manual (SOS) switch illuminates to inform the driver of the malfunction.

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    Problem Symptoms Table
    PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE HINT: Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple suspected areas are listed, the potential causes of the symptoms are listed in order of ...

    Terminals Of Ecu
    TERMINALS OF ECU Terminal No. (Symbol) Wiring Color Terminal Description Condition Specified Condition J157-1 (+B) - J157-20 (E) Y - W-B Power source (+B) Always 11 to 14 V ...

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