Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Repair Manual: Terminals Of Ecu



(a) Measure the voltage and resistance of the connector.

Terminal No. (Symbol)

Wiring Color

Terminal Description


Specified Condition

R10-10 (4WDS) - R10-4 (GND)

P - W-B

AWD lock mode switch signal

Engine switch on (IG)

AWD lock mode switch released → pressed and held

11 to 14 V → Below 1 V

R10-6 (CANH) - R10-5 (CANL)

B - W

HIGH-level CAN bus wire - LOW-level CAN bus wire

Cable disconnected from negative (-) battery terminal

54 to 69 Ω

R10-4 (GND) - Body ground

W-B - Body ground



Below 1 Ω

R10-3 (IG1) - R10-4 (GND)

B - W-B

Power source voltage

Engine switch on (IG)

11 to 14 V

R10-2 (SLC+) - R10-1 (SLC-)

L - B

4WD linear solenoid signal

Shift lever in D, engine idling

Pulse generation (See waveform 1)

If the result is not as specified, the 4WD ECU assembly may have a malfunction.

(b) Using an oscilloscope, check the waveform 1.

Waveform 1 (Reference)



Terminal No. (Symbol)

R10-2 (SLC+) - R10-1 (SLC-)

Tester Range

2 V/DIV., 1 msec./DIV.


Shift lever in D, engine idling

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