Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): 12.3-inch display

12.3-inch display overview

■ Full screen display The following functions can be displayed full screen:

  • Initial screen
  • "Menu" screen
  • Map screen*


■ Split-screen display Different information can be displayed on the left and right of the screen. For example, audio screen can be displayed and operated while the fuel consumption information screen is being displayed. The large screen on the left of the display is called the main display, and the small screen to the right is called the side display.

Lexus RX. Basic operation of the Remote Touch screen

Split-screen display operation

■ Selecting the operation screen When selecting the main display, move the Remote Touch knob to the left.

When selecting the side display, move the Remote Touch knob to the right.

■ Main display For details about the functions and operation of the main display, refer to the respective section and "NAVIGATION SYSTEM OWNER'S MANUAL".

■ Side display

Basic screens

To change the screen displayed on the side display, use the screen buttons on the right side of the display.

  1. Navigation system*
  2. Audio*
  3. Phone*
  4. Vehicle information
  5. Air conditioning system

Lexus RX. Basic operation of the Remote Touch screen

Interruption screens

Each of the following screens is displayed automatically in accordance with conditions.

  • Intuitive parking assist
  • Phone*
  • Destination Assist*
  • Driving mode


    Remote Touch
    The Remote Touch can be used to operate the Remote Touch screens. For details, refer to the "NAVIGATION SYSTEM OWNER'S MANUAL". Vehicles with 8-inch display Vehicles with 12.3-inch display ...

    Using the air conditioning system and defogger

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