Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2024 Repair Manual: Oil Pump

REPLACEMENT CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT The necessary procedures (adjustment, calibration, initialization or registration) that must be performed after parts are removed and installed, or replaced during ...

INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FRONT OIL PUMP BODY SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Turn the front oil pump drive gear with 2 screwdrivers and check that it rotates smoothly. NOTICE: Be careful not to damage the ...

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Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2024 Repair Manual > Lighting System: Interior Light Auto Cut Circuit
DESCRIPTION When the battery saving control operates, the main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU) controls the operation of the DOME CUT relay that is built into the instrument panel junction block assembly to turn off the interior lights. WIRING DIAGRAM CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Inspec ...

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2024 Repair Manual > Vehicle Stability Control System: Brake Switch "A" Circuit Open (P057113)
DESCRIPTION The skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) detects the brake operating conditions through a signal transmitted by the stop light switch. The skid control ECU incorporates a circuit to detect an open circuit. This DTC is output when an open circuit is detected in the stop light signal ...

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Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-{YEAR} Repair Manual

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