Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h): Steps to take in an emergency

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) / When trouble arises / Steps to take in an emergency

Essential information
Emergency flashers The emergency flashers are used to warn other drivers when the vehicle has to be stopped on the road due to a breakdown, etc. Press the switch. All the turn signal lights wi ...

If your vehicle needs to be towed
If towing is necessary, we recommend having your vehicle towed by your Lexus dealer or commercial towing service, using a wheel-lift type truck or flatbed truck. Use a safety chain system for all ...

Other materials:

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors: Steering wheel
Adjustment procedure Operating the switch moves the steering wheel in the following directions: Up Down Toward the driver Away from the driver Auto tilt away When the power switch is turned off, the steering wheel returns to its stowed position by moving up and away to enable eas ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h) > Basic Operations: Mobile Assistant
The Mobile Assistant feature will activate Apple's Siri Eyes Free mode via the steering wheel switches. To operate the Mobile Assistant, a compatible cellular phone must be registered and connected to this system via Bluetooth. 1. Press and hold the off hook switch until you hear the beeps th ...

Lexus RX Owners Manual (RX450h)

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