Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Repair Manual: Cooling Fan System

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL COOLING FAN MOTOR RH (a) Cooling Fan Motor 100 W Type: (1) Install the cooling fan motor RH with the 3 screws. Torque: 2.6 N·m {27 kgf·cm, 23 in·lbf} (2) Engage t ...

PRECAUTION INITIALIZATION NOTICE: When the cable is disconnected from the negative (-) battery terminal, initialize the following system(s) after the cable is reconnected. System Name See Procedu ...

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Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Owners Manual > Steps to take in an emergency: If a warning message is displayed
The multi-information display shows warnings of system malfunctions, incorrectly performed operations, and messages that indicate a need for maintenance. When a message is shown, perform the correction procedure appropriate to the message. Except F SPORT models F SPORT models Master ...

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Repair Manual > Back Door: Disassembly
DISASSEMBLY CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT The necessary procedures (adjustment, calibration, initialization, or registration) that must be performed after parts are removed and installed, or replaced during back door disassembly/reassembly are shown below. Necessary Procedure After Parts Removed/Installed ...

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-{YEAR} Owners Manual

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-{YEAR} Repair Manual

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