Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Repair Manual: Thermostat

On-vehicle InspectionON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FAN RELAY (a) Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the table below. Standard Resistance: Tester Connection Condi ...

COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *1 OUTER COWL TOP PANEL SUB-ASSEMBLY - - N*m (kgf*cm, ft.*lbf): Specified torque - - ILLUSTRATION *A for TMC Made *B for TMMC Made *1 NO ...

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Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Repair Manual > Audio And Visual System (for 12.3 Inch Display): Disc cannot be Ejected
CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Depending on the parts that are replaced during vehicle inspection or maintenance, performing initialization, registration or calibration may be needed. Refer to Precaution for Audio and Visual System. Click here PROCEDURE 1. CHECK OPERATION (a) Press the d ...

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-2023 Repair Manual > Power Tilt And Power Telescopic Steering Column System: Telescopic Position Sensor or Telescopic Motor Circuit Malfunction (B2611)
DESCRIPTION The telescopic motor is operated by the power source voltage supplied from the multiplex tilt and telescopic ECU and slides the steering column forward and backward. The telescopic position sensor (Hall IC) in the telescopic motor detects the sliding position of the steering column in th ...

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-{YEAR} Owners Manual

Lexus RX (RX 350L, RX450h) 2016-{YEAR} Repair Manual

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